02 September 2016

What Others Are Saying

Vivek Vallurupalli's thoughts on D-EYE as the Mode

"Very often in clinic, I've seen fellow medical students and even residents and doctors struggle with using the standard ophthalmoscope, given its narrow viewing angle and aged design. However, when I used the D-EYE device, I was able to get a clear view of the retina for the first time ever. The broad viewing angle and ease of use is truly phenomenal. And the fact that all these images and videos can be saved right on one's phone, which is imperative to my clinical practice. My attendings are especially impressed by the ability to save the high definition videos to the phone and show them after seeing a patient, giving them ability to diagnose eye conditions with tremendous ease, even away from the patient room. I truly believe this D-EYE product can revolutionize patient eye care to a degree that is worlds ahead of the standard ophthalmoscope which, from my personal experience, many of us students and healthcare professionals dread to use."
-Vivek R. Vallurupalli, Ophthalmology Medical Student, University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Medicine

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