28 July 2017

Research Studies

Poster - Smartphone Ophthalmoscopy (D-Eye System) for Detection of Optic Nerve Pathology and Cup-to-Disc Ratio in an Outpatient Clinical Setting 

The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of smartphone ophthalmoscopy (D-Eye attached to iPhone 6 device) for assessing posterior segment pathology and determining cup:disc ratio (CDR).
97 mydriatic and 110 non-mydriatic fundus videos of 122 eyes of 61 patients were obtained.


The D-EYE System has a moderate sensitivity and specificity for detecting optic nerve pathology and moderate CDR agreement with clinical determination.
The D-EYE videos can be used as a screening tool for posterior segment pathology in areas with minimal access to ophthalmologists, for low resource settings, and for telemedicine. 

Diane Dao, Neepa Shah, Madhura Tamhankar, Paul Tapino, Wei Pan, Gui-Shuang Ying, Keirnan Willett, Brian L. VanderBeek, Alexander Brucker 


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