17 May 2019

News releases

35 Innovative European HealthTech companies

D-EYE is one of the 35 startups shortlisted by Meritocracy.is.

HealthTech companies use technology to improve the care delivery and consumption. We shortlisted 35 European HealthTech companies to better understand how they are revolutionizing our economies and divided them in 8 categories: 1) Service Search: companies using technology to improve doctors search, 2) Medical Big Data: companies providing big data analytics for medical application, 3) Monitoring: companies offering platforms to offer patients major insights about their health, 4) Genomics: using human genome for analytics and prevention, 5) Health and Wellness: companies creating health-related apps for keeping track of fitness activities, 6) Gamification: companies using game elements to promote health, 7) Devices: companies manufacturing a new generation of IT medical devices, 8) TeleHealth: companies allowing remote communication between patients and doctors.  


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