31 March 2018

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D-EYE Chosen By Italian Innovation Day Selection Commitee To Be Showcased At The Italian Embassy In Tokyo May 30, 2018

Padua, Italy – March 30, 2018 – D-EYE™, a leading developer of advanced devices for mass health screenings and data analytics, announced today that the Italian Innovation Day selection committee has selected D-EYE to be showcased at the Italian Embassey’s Innovation Day in Tokyo, May 30, 2018.
“We are honoured to be one of the committee selections and we are pleased to present the D-EYE Retinal Imaging System to visitors of the event”, stated Alberto Scarpa, D-EYE CEO. “The D-EYE screening platform is becoming more well known around the world as the leading low-cost screening system giving millions of people in need of annual eye exams access to a simple yet critical examination protocol.”
The advanced, affordable D-EYE retinal examination device is a small lens add-on that turns an iPhone smartphone into a digital ophthalmoscope-camera capable of recording and transmitting video and still images of the retina for screening and evaluating vision health.  Completely portable, lightweight, learn how to use in minutes, the D-EYE system is the modern day digital ophthalmoscope.

“We believe that D-EYE will help usher in a new era of eye care screening and the monitoring of serious eye related diseases like Glaucoma and advanced Diabetic Retinopathy and many other retinal pathologies found in children and adults.  Its extreme portability and affordability means that any practitioner, anywhere, can be equipped with this sight-saving tool, making critical eye examinations more accessible for earlier detection and treatment,” continued, Scarpa.

The third edition of the Italian Innovation Day, organized by the Italian Embassy in Tokyo in collaboration with the Japanese foreign trade organization JETRO (TBC) and NTT Data, one of the largest ICT companies in Japan, will be held as already announced on May 30, 2018 at the Ark Mori Building, in the heart of Tokyo.
As per the previous notice (Appointment of the Evaluation Commission), following the Call for Application published on this website on 30 January 2018 and with a specific decree issued by S.E. Ambassador Giorgio Starace, an Evaluation Commission was appointed, which on March 26, 2018 resolved that the Italian companies admitted to the next Italian Innovation Day are (in alphabetical order):
3Bee S.r.l.
Archon Technologies S.r.l.,
D-EYE S.r.l.
Easy Rain I.s.r.l
HeartWatch S.r.l.,
La Comanda S.r.l., 
Niwaen S.r.l., Sofia S.r.l.
The official statement by the Evaluation Commission is available at the following link. For more information on the previous editions of the Italian Innovation Day in Tokyo, see the website https://italianinnovationday.weebly.com 
For more information the event, please send an email to econaff.tokyo@esteri.it or Alberto.Scarpa@d-eyecare.com
About D-EYE
Founded in 2014, with offices in Padova, Italy and Truckee, CA, D-EYE Srl offers a "digital eye" into the state of the human body. The company designs and manufactures mobile sensing and examination devices, along with companion applications, that make possible mass health screenings and data collection to improve access to vital health examination services. D-EYE also develops and operates cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) systems that enable telehealth applications, and aggregate and analyse health-screening data to provide insight into individual conditions as well as trends across patient populations.
The company's first product, developed in part with a grant from the Fondazione Cottino and with support from the University of Brescia (Italy), the revolutionary D-EYE Smartphone-based Retinal Imaging System focuses on eye care; subsequent mobile-health products and services will target screening and evaluation of other medical conditions and pathologies.
For more information, please visit www.d-eyecare.com.
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Spencer Lee
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