28 November 2016


Recap: D-EYE Popular Amongst Pediatricians at AAP 2016 in San Francisco

This fall, D-EYE introduced its portable retinal imaging system to the pediatric market with its presence at the recently held American Academy of Pediatrics’ Conference in San Francisco, California.
D-EYE’s attendance at AAP was a huge success, giving various pediatricians the opportunity to try D-EYE for themselves.
“Pediatricians that visited our booth at AAP found D-EYE to be much easier to use than the traditional ophthalmoscope. Practitioners find the optic disc in seconds and do so at a comfortable distance from their patients,” said D-EYE CEO Richard Sill.

The following video documents the reactions of pediatricians at AAP 2016 who were able to take D-EYE for a spin:

D-EYE's lens design seamlessly aligns with the camera and LED light source of the user’s iPhone, creating an approachable look and experience for children. Screen anywhere and:

  • Save exam in secure (HIPAA) patient file;

  • Share with apps without PHI;

  • Share in LAN with PHI; 

The sharing function permits pediatricians and other practitioners to quickly and securely move D-EYE retinal examinations from their smartphones and easily store, analyze, and share them for further assessment—a turnkey, telemedicine solution.
“I found the D-EYE very easy to use, with a gradual learning curve. I think it will be especially useful to pediatricians since today’s children, who might be afraid of a big ophthalmic instrument, are accustomed to touching and playing with a smartphone,” said Ivo Vulpi, M.D., Ophthalmologist, Bari, Italy.
D-EYE is ideal for viewing and recording the red reflex examination and screening for a variety of conditions, including retinoblastoma, optic nerve head and retinal colobomas, congenital cataracts, and shaken baby syndrome.
The screening system has been further studied by physicians from the Ross Eye Institute who deemed D-EYE a beneficial alternative for fundus imaging in the pediatric population.
For additional information on incorporating D-EYE into your practice, please contact info@d-eyecare.com

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