21 April 2017

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D-EYE™ at “4 Days for Ukraine”

Padua, Italy – April 21, 2017
D-EYE Srl, a leading developer of retinal screening systems for smartphones, participated in the important event called “4 Days for Ukraine”. The event was organized by the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine along with the Ukrainian Embassy in Italy and took place at Palazzo Moroni in Padua, Italy.
During the Business Event, that represents a great opportunity for Ukrainian companies to meet and make fruitful deals in Italy, the CEO of D-EYE Srl Alberto Scarpa, donated one Portable Eye and Retinal Imaging System to Yevhen Perelygin, Ukrainian ambassador in Italy. The system will be given to a relevant medical institution in Ukraine, from the ambassador himself. “This symbolic gesture introduces the innovative D-EYE portable retinal imaging system to the medical market in Ukraine” said Mr. Scarpa. In addition, the Ukrainian ambassador in Italy, Yevhen Perelygin, affirmed: “This Business Forum is a mix of visions, testimonies and successful works focused on the enhancement of our business”.
Founded in 2014, with offices in Padova, Italy and Truckee, CA, D-EYE Srl offers a "digital eye" into the state of the human body. The company designs and manufactures mobile sensing and examination devices, along with companion applications, that make possible mass health screenings and data collection to improve access to vital health examination services.

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