25 November 2014

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Si14's Innovative D-EYE Portable Retinal Screening

Portable ophthalmoscopy examination system from Si14 awarded top prize and 100,000€ for excellence in biomedical innovation

Padova, Italy – November 25, 2014 – Si14, an original design and technology development laboratory, announced today that the company’s innovative D-EYE smartphone retinal screening system, a phone-case-sized add-on that turns an iPhone, Android, Windows or other smartphone into a fundus camera capable of recording high-definition video and still images of the eye, has been honored with the prestigious Premio Applico-Oftalmologia 2014 Award by the Fondazione Cottino and Innogest SGR, in collaboration with the Italian Society of Ophthalmology.

The Premio Applico-Oftalmologia 2014 Award recognizes achievements in ophthalmological research and product development. It was created to contribute to and encourage the transfer of technology in the field of ophthalmology from research to clinical and industrial applications, and promote the growth of new businesses that benefit health and well-being. Si14’s revolutionary new D-EYE portable smartphone retinal screening system will afford examiners a clear view of both the anterior and posterior segments of the eye, allowing qualified medical professionals to examine, diagnose and grade a variety of diseases, ranging from diabetic retinopathy to glaucoma to cataracts and more.

“We are honored to receive the Premio Applico-Oftalmologia 2014 Award from the Italian Ophthalmological Society (SOI), Fondazione Cottino and Innogest,” said Si14 CEO Andrea Tellatin. “The D-EYE portable fundus camera system represents a novel, effective and low-cost approach to retinal screening, which will help open up access to vital eye examinations for millions of people worldwide. We are indeed gratified for this recognition of the power and potential of the D-EYE product, yet one more example of the leading-edge work done by the talented team of scientists and engineers at Si14.”

The award was presented November 21, 2014 in Rome, Italy, by the Fondazione Cottino, whose goal is to strengthen the bonds between research and enterprise, and Innogest SGR, Italy’s leading biomedical venture capital company, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the SOI. More than 170 opinion leaders representing some 50 hospitals, 30 universities and 9 foundations were involved in the nomination process. The Si14 D-EYE product was one of five finalists selected from 45 entries, representing scientific researchers, academics, physicians, engineers, pharmacologists and others in the biomedical field. Award nominees were selected and evaluated by a jury of seven national and international biomedical experts from both the clinical / academic realm and enterprise.

D-EYE is the result of ground-breaking work done by Dr. Andrea Russo, an ophthalmologist and Ph.D.-candidate researcher with the University of Brescia, Italy, who partnered with Si14 in the development of the device. Under his guidance, the D-EYE development team created a fundoscopic lens device that simply attaches to a smartphone (Apple iOS or Android), positioned over the phone’s camera lens and LED light source, enabling the phone to capture high-definition video and still images of the fundus of the eye. The D-EYE software app installed on the smartphone provides step-by-step instructions and archives all examinations on a real clinical chart for convenient file management for each patient.

The D-EYE retinal screening system can be used by a variety of health professionals ranging from ophthalmologists, neurologists, general practitioners, emergency physicians and pediatricians to school nurses, EMTs, and others. The system offers a quick, accurate and inexpensive way to examine the human eye and identify a variety of health conditions, including, neurological disorders, hemorrhages, arteriolar constriction, blood vessel abnormalities, maculopathy, cotton wool spots, and other diseases and conditions

Due to its portability, exams can be conducted in doctors’ offices, remote health clinics, hospitals, school nurse stations, urgent care centers, pharmacies and other locations, opening up a broad range of examination points, enabling wide-spread screening in developing countries and bringing critical eye screening services to people in even the most remote locations. For more information on the D-EYE smartphone retinal screening system, please visit www.d-eyecare.com.

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Si14 is a visionary original design and development laboratory for novel technology products that enhance the way we live, work and play. Founded in 2008 with offices in Padova, Italy, Si14 turns inspiration into the realization of compelling, cutting-edge products and services that help people connect with their activities and their world, empower enterprises in realizing greater efficiencies, improve access to vital health screening services for millions worldwide, and much more. An Official Supplier to the Luna Rossa America’s Cup Team seeking the sailing world’s most coveted prize, Si14 enjoys partnerships with many leading companies and organizations across the technology spectrum, providing Si14 clients with unique insight, experience and access to the latest advances in embedded systems, bio and motion sensing, mobile communications and more. For more information, visit www.Si14.com.



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