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23 June 2015 News releases

TreVia Digital Health and D-EYE Partner to Enable

04 June 2015 Media Clips

D-EYE retinal imaging accessories available, the user can accept telemedicine

03 June 2015 News releases

Now Shipping: D-EYE, the Revolutionary Portable Retinal Screening System

03 June 2015 Media Clips

D-EYE eye-scanning iPhone accessory lets medical professionals screen for, diagnose disorders

02 June 2015 Media Clips

Interview with CEO of D-EYE, Richard R. Sill

01 June 2015 Media Clips

Smartphone Technology for Fundus Photography

25 May 2015 Media Clips

A Low-Cost Digital Ophthalmoscope for Your Smartphone [Interview]

01 May 2015 News releases

Si14's Innovative D-EYE Portable Retinal Imaging System

Low-cost alternative to traditional ophthalmoscopy examination is now approved for sale in the US and EU member countries; shipments to...

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15 April 2015 News releases

Smartphone Ophthalmoscopy vs. Slit Lamp Biomicroscope

To assess the accuracy and reliability of smartphone ophthalmoscopy, investigators conducted this clinical-based, prospective, comparative...

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30 March 2015 What Others Are Saying

Healio: Portable retinal imaging system now available

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