D-EYE Digital Ophthalmoscope

Designed and developed in Italy, the D-EYE Digital Ophthalmoscope allows physicians to record fundus videos and images without dilation drops. This lightweight and user-friendly system converts your smartphone into a digital and professional ophthalmoscope capable of recording high-definition videos and images of the fundus oculi. The D-EYE Smartphone-Based Retinal Imaging System is currently available for Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE and the latest iPhone 7.
Using a custom magnet-design bumper, the D-EYE system attaches over the smartphone lens using the LED light of the iPhone to illuminate the retina in order to take direct images of the posterior, thus eliminating corneal glare. The D-EYE can be used with both dilated and un-dilated eyes; it is possible to screen the optic nerve head without dilation drops.

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Main features of the
D-EYE Digital Ophthalmoscope:

Field of view up to 20-degree
High-definition images and videos
Requires no external power or lighting
Especially evaluable for remote screenings
Eliminates Corneal Glare
Built-in patient information file

Used to perform examinations and screenings, the D-EYE represents an extremely useful tool for the detection of various diseases and disorders. It is currently used in Neurological, Pediatrics and Veterinary departments all over the world. The D-EYE Digital Ophthalmoscope goes beyond the traditional ophthalmology.

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