Save with D-EYE Educational Special Pricing for Students and Residents.

D-EYE offers two types of discounts:


Student Discount20% discount on a new D-EYE Smartphone-Based Retinal Imaging System. 

Class Discount:  30% discount on the purchase of the D-EYE Smartphone-Based System for your class (more than 15 devices).

D-EYE EDU special pricing is available to students, parents buying for students, residents, professors and staff.


Live Examination

Professors show live how to do retina examinations.

Show Gallery

Professors can record and show their video gallery to their classes.

Student Examination

The professor reviews students' activities.

How to get the D-EYE EDU Special Pricing

To get this special discount, send an e-mail with your academic e-mail address to we will send you the code to get the discount.

Required Information: 

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Student Number/Badge Number
  • University
  • Faculty
  • E-mail address you will use in our e-commerce 

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