D-EYE Smartphone-Based Retinal 
Imaging System

The remarkable D-EYE Vet, a Smartphone-Based Retinal Imaging System for animals

D-EYE Vet turns a smartphone into a portable retinal camera, capable of recording and transmitting high-definition photos and videos of the posterior of animal eyes for clinical assessment.

Creating a lasting impression in pet eye care

The only truly portable direct ophthalmoscope capable of recording, storing and transmitting high-definition images and video of the eye. D-EYE Vet travels with you.


Familiar smartphone format
Portable - requires no external power or lighting
Non-invasive; easy and ergonomic; noiseless
Excellent for assessing a variety of animals and eye diseases
Record multiple high-definition video and still images per screening
Screen anywhere; archive, store and share with colleagues
Share before and after images with clients
Use with animals of nearly all sizes and in all settings

The D-EYE lens covers the camera aperture and LED light source of the smartphone to turn the phone into a portable retinal imaging tool. The examiner uses the D-EYE app on the smartphone display to enter patient information, focus the retinal camera, and record, archive, view and transmit images.

A valuable handheld tool in animal health

The innovative D-EYE Vet system allows regular screenings of animals’ eyes, providing information about noticeable eye diseases and capturing images for further evaluation of specific medical conditions.

D-EYE Vet can be used as an eye scanner for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals, as well as horses, falcons and more.


Currently the D-EYE works with:

iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus

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iPhone 7

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FDA and CE Registered

The unique, patent-pending D-EYE handheld retinal screening system is registered with both the United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Union CE authority:
- U.S. Food and Drug Administration, PJZ Ophthalmic camera regulation number 886.1120 class 2 510(K) exempt
- CE, Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE class I.


Actual images taken with the D-EYE portable retinal camera.
These are just some of the conditions that the you can record with D-EYE.





The only portable ophthalmoscope capable of recording and transmitting high-definition images and video in animal health

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